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Alten Company LogoAlten Company Logo
ALTEN is a global leader in engineering, technology, and IT consulting, with over 35 000 employees. ALTEN has over 1 800 employees in the US, spread over a number of entities and brands, with offices in more than 20 different states. ALTEN Technology USA, Inc., in Greensboro, North Carolina, (formerly known as XDIN) is a subsidiary with especially strong Swedish ties based on ownership and close collaboration with the Swedish entity ALTEN Sverige.

ALTEN’s offer of services range from autonomous and electrical vehicle expertise to IT solutions and supply chain for life science, 5G implementation of smart factories, and everything in between. With a strong technical knowhow and a flexibility to customize the support according to the exact needs of our customers, ALTEN has been able to build very strong relationships with our clients.

ALTEN also has deep knowledge in the field of visa and immigration, where we many times can help our customers with transfers of consultants from abroad. The Treaty Investor visa programs have been especially successful, and over the years ALTEN has transferred over 300 engineers.

US states we’re located in: California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, New Jersey, Minnesota, Florida, Tennessee, and Kentucky

Company Website: alten.com
Rendering of human brain with text reading "Engineering and Techonology Consulting"Rendering of human brain with text reading "Engineering and Techonology Consulting"