Testbed Sweden:
​​​​​​​Use Sweden as a Test Site

Swedes are early adopters of new products and services.
This makes Sweden a great place for companies to test new ideas, whether in advanced laboratories simulating real-life situations or in real environments such as hospitals, schools, streets, or autonomous remote airports. The Swedish private and public sector research environments are characterized by an openness that actively fosters teamwork, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and innovation. Real-life test environments benefit business, academia, and civil society alike.

​​​​​​​These test environments, referred to as testbeds, are increasingly important as goods and services become more complex and are developed more rapidly. The Testbed Sweden initiative encourages international companies and investors to demonstrate their products and services in one of the hundreds of testbeds available in Sweden. These testbeds generally fall into one of three categories: laboratory environment, simulated environment, or real environment.
Hammarby Sjöstad, located in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, has become a unique testbed that attracts researchers from colleges and universities around the world. The aim is to transform the goals of the Paris Agreement into practical measures on a local level through the introduction of smart and renewable energy, sustainable transport, energy-efficient houses, electric buses, and electric cars by 2030. Hammarby Sjöstad 2.0 is a testbed for new sustainable solutions that can be implemented in other districts and municipalities, both in Sweden and abroad.
Photo of buildings by the waterPhoto of buildings by the water
Photo: Melker Dahlstrand/imagebank.sweden.se
AstaZero is the world’s first full-scale independent test environment for future road safety. The facility is unique as the different traffic environments make it possible to test advanced safety systems and functions for all kinds of traffic situations. This enables research, development, and certification of future road-safety systems, and it operates as an international arena open for vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, legislators, universities, and colleges from all over the world.
Photo of Volvo car on roadPhoto of Volvo car on road
Photo: AstaZero AB
Sweden’s first national EdTech testbed is designed to help businesses sharpen the development of new digital- learning services and to narrow the gap between learning and digital development. By doing so, digital tools and teaching methods can be developed together, address real needs in the classrooms, and strengthen teachers’ competence to choose and evaluate learning resources.
Photo of women using digital screenPhoto of women using digital screen
Photo: Hanna Elving