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CELLINK is a global life-sciences company with a heavy focus on creating jobs and securing partnership opportunities in the US market with both research institutions and pharma companies to change the future of medicine.

CELLINK’s US headquarters are in the center of the US biotech hub, Boston. We have ongoing collaborations with leading research institutions in the area, such as Harvard, MIT, Tufts, and more than 1 000 other labs around the world including all major pharma companies. We commercialized the world’s first universal bioink—an innovation eight years in the making—which spurred our rapid rise to becoming the world’s leading bioprinting company.

Fast forward to 2020, after three successful acquisitions and several high-profile product launches, we are much more than a bioprinting company. By combining advances in biology, engineering, big data, and AI, we have embraced the emerging bio-convergence revolution, which is leveraging synergistic breakthroughs in the life sciences and technology to meet the world’s growing health-care needs.

US states we’re located in: Massachusetts and Virginia

Company Website: cellink.com
Photo of people in laboratoryPhoto of people in laboratory