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The United States is Ericsson’s largest market globally, and we are strengthening our investments to meet our customers’ 5G deployment plans. Ericsson is the largest radio access network supplier in the United States with a market share of over 50%.

Ericsson recognized early on that the scale of 5G meant radio manufacturing would have to reside in the US to maintain security, as well as speed up 5G deployments. We’ve invested more than 100 million USD in our 5G smart factory in Lewisville, Texas, and we started shipping the first 5G radios in May 2020. Our factory showcases innovation from 5G connectivity, with capabilities such as autonomous robots, augmented reality training, and many others.

Ericsson has 7 700 employees in the US, with R&D centers in Austin, Texas (ASIC Design Center), Santa Clara, California (AI, D-15 Innovation Center), and now Boise, Idaho, following the 1.1 billion USD acquisition of Cradlepoint in 2020. In Austin, our ASIC design and R&D center helps maintain Ericsson’s leadership position in 5G technology. Ericsson D-Fifteen is our state-of-the-art innovation center in Silicon Valley. It brings multiple core capabilities together to provide a high-powered platform for building impactful solutions. We have five Centers of Excellence in the US that have trained and certified 2 500 tower crew members since 2015.

A trusted partner to all the major service providers and many regional carriers across the country, Ericsson is committed to supporting the US market through our game-changing technology and services.

US states we’re located in: Texas, Kansas, Washington, New Jersey, California, Idaho, and Georgia

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