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Hästens’ devotion has stayed the same for generations: to make people happier and healthier by providing world-class sleep.

Hästens has a rich history going back to 1852. From our beginnings as master saddlers to Hästens’ appointment as Royal Purveyors, the master tradition is what drives us forward into the future. The journey to where we are now is one filled with passion  skill, and the pursuit of making the best handcrafted beds in the world.

Sleep is profoundly important and brings benefits to body, mind, and attitude—every aspect of leading a happier life. With this in mind, we have developed Hästens Restore®, an app scientifically designed to calm and relax. Hästens Restore® is made specifically to reduce stress and enhance sleep quality.

With operations in over 45 countries and more than 300 partners  in Europe, Asia, America, and Africa, the family-owned company has grown into a global producer and retailer of premium beds.

US states we’re located in: Washington, California, Nevada, Colorado, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, Georgia, Virginia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Florida

Company Website: hastens.com
Photo of hastens bed Photo of hastens bed