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Hyper Island is a creative learning partner that empowers individuals and organizations to adapt and lead in a world of constant change. With a distinct approach to learning, Hyper Island is not quite a school in the traditional sense, but not a straightforward business or consultancy, either—a hybrid of sorts.

We create learning experiences that go beyond any linear process and speak to every learning style. Our range of courses help individuals and teams to succeed with the skills they need to thrive in the digital age, empower a culture of collaboration and initiative, and help managers to become high-performing leaders.

Top management in global organizations face especially unique challenges today, and for organizations, we get to know our clients and develop bespoke learning experiences. We design and cocreate programs based on the client’s desired learning outcomes and business needs. Examples of the more than 100 companies that have entrusted us as partners include Möet Hennessy, Accenture, American Express, Revlon, Netflix, Spotify, Facebook, and Visa.

Areas we specialize in include upgrading your workforce’s digital mindsets and skillsets; fostering effective leadership, culture, and collaboration; business transformation challenges; creativity and innovation; and strategy development.

US state we’re located in: New York

Company Website: hyperisland.com/locations/united-states
People sitting in for a seminarPeople sitting in for a seminar