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Saab has been a proud supplier and active partner to the US government for more than 40 years. Among many other solutions, we have supplied ground-combat systems to the US Army and SOCOM, training systems to the US Army and US Marine Corps, and signature management solutions to the US Department of Defense. As prime contractor or in partnership with major US OEMs, we have delivered radars and sensors to the US Air Force, the US Marine Corps, the US Navy, and the US Department of State. We are also a respected supplier of advanced aerostructures and traffic management solutions at hundreds of airports around the world.

Outside internally developed products, Saab’s US growth strategy has included the development of strong partnerships with major industry players. We bring key technologies and capabilities to support these primes and help build their business, both in the US and around the world. These partnerships provide us with a joint knowledge that takes our services to the next level.

Saab’s US portfolio is based on technology developed both in Sweden and locally in the United States. We actively transfer technology from Sweden where appropriate, while utilizing a supplier base across 24 US states to foster our nation’s development capabilities. In the long term, this means ongoing US growth for Saab and more jobs for Americans. Saab has nearly 700 employees in the US and operates out of six US locations.

US states we’re located in: Florida, Indiana, North Carolina, New York, and Virginia; and Washington DC

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