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SKF has been offering its customers reliable rotation since it was  first founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1907. Reliable rotation means helping our customers get the best possible performance from their machinery. Be it a paper mill, steel mill, fleet of trucks, wind turbines or compressors, wherever there is a machine that rotates, spins or moves, SKF has a role to play.

Our bearings and lubrication systems ensure smooth rotation, with less friction, while our machine-learning experts and algorithms help machines perform better, and maintenance engineers predict how their machines and factories will perform. By reducing friction, consumption of oils, and components, and even remanufacturing bearings to give them a second life, we help our customers reduce their CO2 emissions. Less CO2 means less impact on our environment and a better world.

SKF is investing over SEK 3 billion per year in its factories, making them smarter, more efficient, more flexible, and, ultimately, better places to work, with better opportunities for competence development. A significant portion of this investment is also being made in the US. We’ve already announced major investments in our factories in Flowery Branch, Salt Lake City, and Sumter, making us a more attractive employer, business partner, and investor in our local communities.

These investments illustrate SKF’s strengthened commitment to regional manufacturing that allow us to better serve customers in North America with improved flexibility and competitiveness.

US states we’re located in: Nevada, Utah, Ohio, Illinois, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Michigan, and Missouri

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SKF product photos (bearing, seals etc.)SKF product photos (bearing, seals etc.)
SKF product photos (lubrication etc.)SKF product photos (lubrication etc.)