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Tobii Dynavox is the world’s leading supplier of assistive technology for communication. Our products and ecosystem of resources empower people with disabilities to do what they once did or never thought possible. For some, this involves developing reading and writing skills, for others the ability to return to work. The ability to communicate and the opportunity for a more independent life often have a dramatic impact on quality of life for our users and their families.

However, the percentage of people with access to assistive technology for communication is very low and varies greatly between countries, regions, and diagnoses, even in countries like the US where funding through public and private insurance is available. The main reason is inadequate knowledge of the value that assistive technology for communication creates for the individual and society.

Tobii Dynavox has a broad portfolio that includes specially designed communication devices and software that can be controlled in many ways, including only using eye movements. The portfolio spans from communication apps to medical graded devices and is often financed through public or private funding systems. The same software can be used across different devices, and the simplest and least expensive communication solution involves apps used on ordinary consumer tablets, which serves as an effective method to raise awareness among new users and their families. Hundreds of thousands of people rely on Tobii Dynavox’s innovations every day.

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