The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce of the USA (SACC-USA) facilitates trade relations, investment opportunities, and talent mobility between the United States and Sweden. Our network consists of 19 regional chambers across the US. SACC-USA is the network umbrella organization and functions as a bridge between our two countries.

The SACC-USA network serves more than 2 000 corporate and individual members and arranges more than 300 business events annually. Whether you are based in Sweden or the US, the SACC-USA network provides invaluable knowledge about the business culture, market conditions, and national/regional regulations in
both markets. In addition to the Executive Forum, SACC Summit, and other networking events, SACC-USA offers tailored corporate programs, trade missions, business matchmaking, business intelligence, and promotion campaigns.

The SACC-USA bilateral Talent Mobility Program promotes knowledge exchange, diversity, and company branding by offering companies in Sweden the opportunity to host an American trainee, and vice versa. More than 100 young professionals are placed at companies and SACC chambers annually as trainees. SACC-USA is a designated sponsor by the Swedish Migration Agency and the US Department of State to ensure a smooth and accurate visa process.

Gain new business opportunities by joining SACC-USA’s extensive network.
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