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Visit Sweden is Sweden’s national tourism organization. Its mission is to promote Sweden as a destination and brand to attract more short- and long-term foreign visitors. When more visitors travel to Sweden and stay longer, that translates into business opportunities for the Swedish tourism industry, economic growth, and increased employment throughout the country.

Visit Sweden takes two different approaches to its mission of getting more foreign tourists to consider Sweden as a holiday destination. First, it seeks to strengthen the image of Sweden in general. Second, it promotes Swedish destinations and experiences in order to convert interest into bookings.

Every year, Visit Sweden runs marketing campaigns, ensures Sweden is visible in social media channels, cooperates with tour operators, and encourages foreign media to feature Sweden as a travel destination. Visit Sweden follows up by measuring reach, engagement, and its target market’s stated preference for Sweden. Visit Sweden follows cultural trends and current affairs in the respective markets and also keeps close track on what motivates and attracts potential travelers.

In addition to the United States, Visit Sweden has offices in five other countries (Germany, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, and China). India is managed from the head office in Stockholm.
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